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Code of Conduct

The Weston Soccer Club, Inc.’s (WSC) Code of Conduct reflects our commitment to fostering good sportsmanship among all participants while creating a constructive environment in which players can develop and enjoy the great game of soccer. Our Code of Conduct defines the roles that each parent, coach, referee, spectator and player can play in ensuring we maintain our commitment. 

All parents/guardians, spectators and participants in Weston Soccer Club programs must adhere to the WSC Code of Conduct.   Parents/Guardians must indicate their agreement to abide by this Code when registering their children for WSC programs.  Parents/Guardians must ensure their children understand the Code before registering their children for a WSC program.

All people attending or participating in any WSC sponsored event shall:
- Show a positive, respectful attitude towards all participants in the sport;
- Abide by the general rules and regulations of the game as defined by SW District CJSA (, CJSA (, USYSA (, USSF ( and FIFA ( and detailed on their respective websites.

All Parents/Guardians and Spectators shall:
 - Remember WSC games are played by children and often refereed by young adults;
 - Cheer for all players, in addition to their own children;
 - Cheer good play by the opposing team;
 - Refrain from any coaching from the sidelines -– leave the coaching to the coaches;
 - Make no comment to, or approach referees before, during or after matches;
 - Register any concerns about referees only to the team coach or manager after the match;
 - Refrain from any abusive behavior, verbal or physical, or foul language;
 - Contribute to the Club through volunteering for jobs at the team or Club level;
 - Support the Code of Conduct by encouraging good conduct by others.

All Players shall:
 - Provide support and encouragement to their teammates;
 - Refrain from any criticism or abuse of other players, referees or coaches;
 - Not use bad language;
 - Not engage in dangerous or aggressive play, including fighting;
 - Abide by the rules of the game and the instructions of the referee and coach.

All Coaches shall:
 - Focus on skill development and teamwork and not just on winning;
 - Provide a supportive environment for each player;
 - Coach players on a constructive basis;
 - Refrain from criticism of referees and shall discuss refereeing issues only at half-time or after the match.

Violations of the Code of Conduct
 - During a game, a coach or referee may give a verbal warning to players for any minor infractions or may eject the offending player from the game for a major infraction. Any offender must leave the playing field immediately, if asked. Players who are ejected from a game are banned for at least one week from any games;
 - A referee can give a verbal warning to a spectator for abusive or dangerous behavior or eject them from the game. If ejected, offenders must leave the area of the playing field immediately. Ejection automatically results in at least a one game attendance suspension;
 - The Disciplinary Committee of the Board of the Club and (when inter-town play is involved) higher disciplinary authorities within the CJSA, may investigate any ejections or other reported misbehavior by players, coaches and spectators and may suspend offenders or take other disciplinary action.

By electronically approving this code of conduct, the player's parent/guardian acknowledges his/her understanding of the code and agrees to inform all family members of the terms of the code and that both the the player, parents and any other spectators accompanying their family are bound by this code. Failure to fulfill the requirements of the code may lead to suspension and/or dismissal from the team or other disciplinary action.

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Weston Soccer Club

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Weston Soccer Club

PO Box 1281 
Weston, Connecticut 06883

Email: [email protected]
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